Weed Control Agriculture Non Woven Fabric

Weed Control Agriculture Non Woven Fabric

Shandong Xingdi New Materials Co., Ltd. can produce various specifications, such as SS, SMS, M, and various color non-woven products. It can also be treated with hydrophilic, antistatic, alcohol and oil resistant....

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Weed control agriculture non woven fabric


Applications of Non-Woven Fabrics

Agriculture, home furnishing, leisure and travel, school and office:

  • soil stabilizers and roadway underlayment,  foundation stabilizers, erosion control, canals construction, drainage systems, geomembranes protection, frost protection, • agriculture mulch, pond and canal water barriers, sand infiltration barrier for drainage tile



  • roofing and tile underlay, thermal and noise insulation, house wrap, underslating, drainage, etc.




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