​High Quality Pp Nonwoven Fabric

​High Quality Pp Nonwoven Fabric

Shandong Xingdi New Materials Co., Ltd. can produce various specifications, such as SS, SMS, M, and various color non-woven products. It can also be treated with hydrophilic, antistatic, alcohol and oil resistant....

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High quality pp nonwoven fabric for urine absorbent pet


Nonwovens and Paper

Before explaining what nonwovens are, we should understand what "paper" is.
Some may think "Why paper? We are discussing fabrics!" because generally people have in mind the general fabrics of, for example, the clothing they wear; fabrics in a general sense are sheet-shaped materials made by weaving yarn.

What does "yarn" mean here? The answer is a thing that is made by stretching and twisting a fiber. Types of fibers vary from plant fibers to animal fibers, e.g. wool, and synthetic fibers, e.g. polyester.
On the other hand, paper is a sheet-shaped material made by dispersing fibers in water, and entangling them through processes such as dehydration and drying. Fibers primarily used for papermaking are plant fibers.

That's right. Both paper and fabrics are sheet-shaped matters produced by processing fibers although there are differences in fiber types and processes.

Generally, thread-shaped fibers woven to form a sheet are called a fabric and unprocessed fibers woven to form a sheet are called paper.
Today, not only plant fibers but also synthetic and metal fibers can be used to make paper due to the advancement of technologies. Given that, people started to call sheets made from plant fibers "paper" and sheets made from synthetic fibers and/or metal fibers as "nonwovens.

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