Nonwoven Fabric Roll For Face Mask

Nonwoven Fabric Roll For Face Mask

Shandong Xingdi New Materials Co., Ltd. can produce various specifications, such as SS, SMS, M, and various color non-woven products. It can also be treated with hydrophilic, antistatic, alcohol and oil resistant....

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Cheap 100% PP non-woven fabric roll for face mask


Spunbond method

This method first melts resin tips, which are the raw material, into filaments. Then, after the filaments are accumulated on a net to form webs, those webs are bonded in the form of a sheet.

The major conventional method of manufacturing nonwoven fabric involves two processes: (1) processing resin into filaments such as staple fibers and (2) processing them into nonwoven fabric. With the spunbond method, by contrast, all the processes from filament spinning to nonwoven fabric formation are performed at once, thus enabling speedy production. Made from non-fragmented long filaments, spunbond nonwoven fabric is very strong and dimensionally stable and can be used in a variety of applications.

Raw materials used for Unitika's spunbond nonwoven fabric

In addition to products made of polyester and polyester-polyethylene composite, we have been active in recent years in developing products that address increasingly challenging environmental issues, such as TERRAMAC, which is biodegradable plastic made from plant-derived polylactic acid, and Recycled Needle Punched MARIX made from recycled polyester.

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