Mask Use PP Waterproof Nonwoven Fabric

Mask Use PP Waterproof Nonwoven Fabric

Shandong Xingdi New Materials Co., Ltd. can produce various specifications, such as SS, SMS, M, and various color non-woven products. It can also be treated with hydrophilic, antistatic, alcohol and oil resistant....

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Mask Use PP Waterproof Nonwoven Fabric


SMS technology (spunbond/meltblown/spunbond)

The combination of spunbond (S) and meltblown (M) fabrics provides an SMS-type fabric (the structure consists of two spunbond layers with a meltblown layer or SSMMS type (strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance), Secondary tear, tear strength, etc.) and excellent barrier properties to prevent leakage of very fine particles and microbes and corrosive liquids.


Overall, nonwoven fabric medical fabrics are an essential part indispensable for surgery and medicine. The range of use of this material demonstrates incredible diversity and adaptability. Products made possible with this technology may seem to be technically rich areas of knowledge.





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