Greening Spunbond PP Non Woven Fabric

Greening Spunbond PP Non Woven Fabric

Nonwoven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric. Frist, polyester fiber cut into silk, then strengthened by hot rolling, and finally finished to form a non-woven fabric....

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Greening Spunbond PP Non Woven Fabric


It can provide customers with functional non-woven fabrics such as antibacterial, antistatic and hydrophilic.


Due to the rapid progress of spunbond production technology, high growth rate, high production capacity, high quality, excellent performance, wide application range, strong market adaptability, coupled with short production process of spunbonded non-woven fabric, high production efficiency It has the advantage of large-scale production, in which the spunbonded nonwoven fabric has better strength and elongation properties.


The Spun-bond Process is one of the main methods of producing non-woven materials, and is also known as the spinning-net method or the polymer extrusion-forming method. 


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