Special Treatment Of SMS Nonwoven Fabric
May 07, 2018

Special treatment of non-woven fabrics is carried out to meet customers' special requirements for non-woven fabrics. The treated nonwoven fabric has the functions of resisting alcohol, blood and oil. It is mainly used in medical gowns and surgical sheets.

Antistatic treatment: Antistatic non-woven fabrics are mainly applied to materials for protective materials with special environmental requirements for static electricity.

Absorbent treatment: absorbent nonwovens are mainly used in the production of medical consumables, such as surgical hole towel, surgical pad, etc.

Flame retardant treatment: flame retardant non-woven fabrics are widely used in furniture products and aviation supplies.

Antibacterial, deodorant and photocatalyst effect treatment: such non-woven fabrics are mainly used in household products.

Anti ultraviolet treatment: anti ultraviolet, anti aging non-woven fabric mainly used in agricultural cover cloth, car cover and other fabrics, requiring sunscreen, anti aging effect.

Aromatherapy: fragrant non-woven fabric used in sanitary products (mint flavor, lemon flavor, lavender flavor, etc.).

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