Application Of Non-woven Fabric In Vegetable Production2
May 07, 2018

After planting, the surface of the car is covered with heat preservation, moisture retention, rooting and shortening the seedling stage. For example, early spring cover can generally increase the formation temperature by 1 ~ 2 C, 7 days in advance, and increase the early yield by 30% ~50%. After planting the melon and vegetable and Solanaceae Vegetables, pour the roots into the water and cover them all day. The non-woven fabric with a specification of 20 grams or 30 grams per square metre is directly covered on the plant, and the floor is laid on the four sides. Be careful not to strain too tightly on the non-woven fabric. Leave room for vegetables to have enough room for growth. Adjust the position of soil or stone according to the speed of vegetable growth. The coverage time is determined according to the weather and temperature, when the weather is high, the day is uncovering, the cover is covered in the evening, and the cover is covered early; the early cover is made when the temperature is low, and the cold tide will cover all weather when the cold tide comes. After the late mid - 4 month, the non - woven fabric was removed.

The small arch canopy is used for early maturity, high yield and good quality cultivation, and it can also be used for summer and autumn shading and cooling seedlings. The white non-woven fabric used for early spring coverage is more than 20 grams per square meter, and silver gray non-woven or black non-woven fabrics of 20 grams per square meter or 30 grams per square meter for summer and autumn season are selected. For example, summer celery and other high requirements for shade and cooling, choose black non-woven fabrics. When the early maturing is promoted, the non-woven fabric is covered on the small arch, and the film can be covered by the film. The temperature can be increased by 1.8 ~2.0 C, and the dark colored non-woven fabric can be directly covered on the arch in summer and autumn, and the film or the film are not needed.

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